How to improve aesthetic taste?

Taste is the manifestation of inner noble character, the manifestation of cultural and artistic accomplishment, as the saying goes, there is poetry and literature, but there is also the outside, as an urban professional woman
Elegance, calmness, and decentness are the colorful life produced by heart!
There is no inevitable connection between the level of taste and money. People with high tastes live elegant, refined, interesting, stylish, pursuing, and meaningful. I will give you today.
To be real,
How should women cultivate the taste of dress
Many people say that aesthetic taste is personal. I don't agree with it. On the contrary, I think there are good and bad. The real personal difference is aesthetic style. Many times, it
So different people think the same things are beautiful or not because of differences in aesthetic tastes. For example, an aesthetic person who likes a simple and handsome style
She does not necessarily reject girly-style clothes, although she may not wear it herself, but exquisite and decent girly-style clothes will not be regarded as ugly by her, but only
It just won't choose. It shows that there are high and low aesthetic tastes, and they need to be improved, and have nothing to do with catering to others.
How to improve aesthetic taste?
1. Find your own style: It is said that you will become what kind of person you wear, so please don’t be someone who doesn’t even want to wear your clothes without looking at your husband.
The usual clothes matching has an impression in my head, and when I buy clothes, I will naturally choose the one I like. There are many styles, some people like sports,
Some people like cuteness, some people like art and freshness, some people like handsome, and some people like diaosi. Each style corresponds to the style, color, cut, and season
Different. A fixed style will help you choose the color style that best suits your style.
2. Cheap but not good goods, and the clothes are not more refined: the simple reason is that the high cost is high. When I got older and older, I found that although these clothes are relatively relatively
Expensive, but it can be worn for a long time, and the residual value is high. It is classic and comfortable to look at by yourself. But people with good clothes can wear 20 RMB clothes for 200 RMB
Yes, this is a question of skill. However, it is still recommended not to buy cheap goods, unless you can match them well and you are in good shape. The figure is not very good, you need
The tailoring of the clothes should set off. For example, I once bought a black dress without any decoration, but the tailoring is very good, and the whole person wears it with lines. Buying clothes
At this time, you will definitely be impulsive. At this time, you have to think about whether there are at least 3 clothes that can be matched in your closet. If you have one, you can consider it.
3. Don't wear more than three main colors on your body: The three main colors represent colors that are very different from red, yellow and blue. There is no need to wear yourself as a rainbow. My clothes are basic
It's all one piece of color and regular pattern. More dignified atmosphere. When the overall color is very dark, the shoe bag will jump out of the bright color. When the overall color is very bright, look for the dark color.
These are all basic principles.

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