I also came to design clothes.

To ask my hobby, that is clothing design. How I fell in love with clothing, the design has to start from two years ago. That day, my mother took me to Shanghai to see a clothing exhibition. As soon as I entered the exhibition hall, I was attracted by all kinds of colorful costumes. I admire those fashion designers very much, they have designed so many beautiful clothes. Suddenly, an idea appeared in my mind: I also came to design clothes.

Since then, I have changed. Every day I walk on the road, I pay attention to the clothes of pedestrians, and when I see good-looking styles, I draw them; every time I watch TV, every time there is a fashion show, I give up watching cartoons; every time I go to a bookstore, I inevitably watch them Books about clothing. I combined my own imagination to process the clothing styles that seemed to me. Then draw it into my costume design book. When I have time, I also try to paint ancient costumes.

Now, costume design has become a big pleasure after my meal. Every night, I set aside an hour to design clothes. If one day I don’t design clothes, I feel uneasy, as if there is nothing left. Once, when I just turned on the TV set, it happened to catch up with the advertisement of a certain clothing factory. When I saw that some clothes were designed with distinctive features, I immediately painted them. In the rush, I only found the pen but not the paper. What should I do?

Suddenly, I had an idea, and simply sketched the clothes on the white table. When I was happily admiring my "masterpiece", my mother suddenly shouted dissatisfied behind my back: "How do you draw the painting on the table? But when she took a closer look, she shook her head helplessly and said, "Oh again Is drawing costumes! "I love fashion design. It not only enriches my after-school life, but also improves my imagination and drawing ability.

In the future, I will become a children’s clothing designer because I dream of one day that I design oriental children by myself. Clothing can penetrate the international market and wear it on foreign children.

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